About Us

About the Authority

The County of Franklin Solid Waste Management Authority is a New York State public benefit corporation created in 1988 pursuant to the Act. 

The Act authorizes the Authority, among other things

  1. to plan, develop and construct solid waste management facilities
  2. to acquire interests in real and personal property, and to dispose of them
  3. to receive, transport, process, dispose of, sell, store, convey, recycle, and deal with solid waste and energy generated by operation of a solid waste management facility
  4. to contract with governments including the County and local governments within the County in relation to its activities
  5. to borrow money and to issue bonds
  6. to fix and collect rates, rentals, fees, and other charges for the use of the facilities of, or services rendered by, or any commodities furnished by, the Authority.

In addition to the solid waste disposal landfill described herein, the Authority owns and operates three transfer stations within the County at Malone, Lake Clear and Tupper Lake.

The County is a solid waste management planning unit, as defined by the New York State Environmental Conservation Law. The County has an approved solid waste management plan (“SWMP”) in effect. Generally, the SWMP provides for the collection of MSW, the recycling and processing of recyclable materials, and the transfer and transportation of solid waste from the Authority’s transfer stations to the Landfill. MSW and recyclables are primarily separated at the source and brought to the transfer stations by residents and haulers. These materials are then further inspected and sorted. MSW is loaded into Authority-owned containers and transported in bulk volumes by Authority-owned vehicles to the regional landfill for disposal. Composted yard waste material is composted at the transfer stations. Recyclables are placed in Authority-owned containers and removed in bulk volumes from the transfer station for processing or brought directly to appropriate markets.