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Analytical Requirements

Special Waste Analytical Requirements

Petroleum Contaminated Soils (Virgin product)

Gasonline Acceptable Level
Flash point/Ignitability > 100 degree Celsius Non-Ignitable
Paint Filter ND < 1.0
TCLP Benzene < .05 mg/L
TCLP Lead < 5.0 mg/L
Kerosene, fuel, oils, etc. Acceptable Level
Flash point/Ignitability > 100 degrees Celsius Non-Ignitable
Paint Filter Test ND < 1.0
TCLP Semi-Volatiles, Base Neutrals Stars Memo #1
Waste Oils Acceptable Level
Flash Point/Ignitability Corrosivity > 100 degrees Celsius Non-Ignitable PH > 2 or < 12
Full TCLP EPA Regulatory Levels
PCB's ND < 20 ug/k (50 PPM)
Paint Filter ND < 1.0
Reactivity Cyanide < 250 ug/k, Sulfide < 500 mg/k


Analytes within 70% of the MCL levels may be the subject to the resampling at the Authority's discretion.

PCS's must be tested at a non-detect level down to 50 PPM. (This detection level needs to be brought to the attention the lab performing the analysis as the lab may not be able to test down to the 50 PPM level).

A full TCLP analysis needs to be repeated on an annual basis for Municipal & Industrial sludges. Another full TLCP analysis will need to be repeated for Industrial sludges if the process changes anytime during the year.

The lab analysis needs to be done by an "ELAP" certified lab. The "ELAP" number should appear on the analysis report. The sample Number, location of waste and date should appear on each page per the NYS DOH ELAP certification manual.

Herbicides & Pesticides testing may be waived from Industrial Sludges upon request.

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